BLOG! Fer Reals, this time.

2008 4 MeI am going to start a blog.  Why?

  1. Because I’m a 90’s  2015 kind of girl
  2. Because it helps me figure out what’s important, when I write stuff down
  3. To leave a Legacy of my life for my children and grandchildren (note: this comment is not meant to put pressure on anyone to produce grandchildren at this time).
  4. People are tired of seeing pictures of food on my Facebook timeline.
  5. I can find cool stuff that I wrote in 2008 or even before then
  6. I can be known.
  7. I got inspired by somebody that probably hardly ever even thinks of me, but I think of her.  And how do I know there isn’t someone out there who feels the same about me that I did about her?
  8. To make a difference in the world.

Is it OK to have just 8 reasons to start a blog?  Because I am obsessing now that maybe I should have ten.

Comment if you read this and if it made a Difference in Your Life.



9 thoughts on “BLOG! Fer Reals, this time.”

  1. I’m torn. I have difficulty because many times I have to use 5,000 words to say what I feel, when it could be said with 2,000.

    As succinct as I can be, it’s a question of using an all-in-one “suite” of various kinds of documents like Facebook, or using different sites that function differently for different purposes like Snapfish and WordPress. This is way oversimplifying the issue in my opinion as a former professional librarian. However, too much hesitating between decisions can also be crazy-making. The point is to get the job done.

    Some of it is simple personal preference. Some may be unaware of other options or how to coordinate multiple sites and still track hundreds of family, friends, acquaintances, and interests.

    Personally, I spend hours on Facebook doing multiple things and following several dozen people very closely and several hundred from a greater distance. What I don’t like about Facebook is that it wants to choose for me what it thinks I should be seeing, when if I could control that lottery, I would be emphasizing very differently. However, because I’m so involved on Facebook, I don’t read a lot of outside blogs etc. which do not let me know on Facebook that they’re posting something in which I might be interested.

    The ultimate issue is whether I can find a better mousetrap than Facebook. If so, I would like to.

    I don’t know. This took too long to process, and I had hoped to get a nap before supper. Now it’s almost too late for a nap, and I don’t feel I’m getting all done that I want to do. There are tradeoffs to every possibility.

    You are one of only two extended family members with whom I keep in regular contact, AND I don’t see as much of you as I would choose, compared to other individuals I follow.

    Hit this ping pong ball back to me while I go somewhere else and tend to something else. I’ll catch you on the flip side.


  2. I finally found your blog, and pasted it so I can check it now and then. Wow!!!, lots of recipes!!! I can’t wait to try some.

  3. Geez…sorry it took me so long to realize you made a comment! I sort of got busy with my master’s degree and stopped uploading my entire recipe collection to my blog. I would like to solemnly promise to do better from now on. But, I’m not sure I can keep that promise. Welcome!! These recipes are all from our family and fiends, I mean friends. So feel free to try them all, they will be delicious!!

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