My favorite ukulele player




My favorite ukulele player? That’s a hard one! I don’t know them all, yet!

Jake Shimabukuro is pretty amazing, though! He does all kinds of unusual things with the instrument, and has been playing since he was four! He doesn’t sing, he just plays. So, he has to be one of the best 🙂 My hubby and I went to one of his concerts in Dallas last year.  

Then again, I love the way Iz sounds when he sings and plays.  So mellow and happy.  So sad he died too early.

This girl has unique style and skill. Amazing!!

America’s Got Talent winner, Grace Vanderwaal.  Quirky, cute 🙂 She’s not so much a ukulele player as she is a songwriter…but, it’s all one adorable package.  Oh, I hope she doesn’t get ruined like some other young artists have, by demands of fame and fortune.

So many tutorials on YouTube!! Check out Cynthia Lin

Ukulele Mike



The Ukulele Teacher


I think this kid is pretty cute.  He’s on YouTube teaching ukulele.  This video is pretty old, and his ukulele is out of tune, but I still love it.

YouTube is great to find people who are so much fun to listen to and watch!

James Hill

These girls:


And this is probably the prettiest song I’ve heard on ukulele:


Here’s some of the Kamaka family (of Kamaka Ukuleles) standing around in their ukulele factory, playing some Hawaiian music with Jake Shimabukuro.   I LOVE the ukulele in Hawaii.  Kids, grannies, and everyone puts on colorful clothes, sticks flowers in their hair, and will sing and dance at the merest hint of a suggestion.   It’s so easy to get together with other people, and just play and sing.

There are tons of ukulele players  I love to watch and listen to! So many people, different ages, different styles, all enjoying the ukulele!  See why I like it?  It’s FUN!!!

Happy playing,





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